Our mission is to revolutionise and redefine the events industry.


We’ve done our 10,000 hours and we exist to put live experiences at the heart of marketing strategies.  We believe events should have a seat at the ‘top table’ with advertising, PR, content and digital;

not just an afterthought. 


For years, brands have invested heavily in short-term digital practices because it provides instantaneous data and is cheap to execute, but now brands are struggling to be human; at a time when audiences are demanding they demonstrate more transparency and purpose.


Events literally involve one-to-one, personal interactions, face to face or digitally, and can be used to stimulate, tell stories, engage and differentiate.  But now, thanks to technology and data, they can provide so much more learning and a powerful link between marketing and sales.

We compete to win.

We're rebels at heart.

We're meticulous experts.

We lead with our opinion.

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Martin Richardson

Managing Director