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The One Line Brief

Create an awareness campaign to make our unknown brand known.

Introducing a new brand
to a new audience.

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Our Idea

Take a trusted brand and dress is up as something else.

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Project Deliverables

Project Management

Content Creation

Campaign Creation & Fulfilment

Creative concept

Design & Application

Long Story Short

How do you introduce a new brand to your target market so that they take notice and remember you?


This was the challenge Noname Security faced.


They have a great suite of products, but they are a new name in a competitive market with no recognisable brand identity.


We decided to take an established brand (Toblerone bar of chocolate), instantly recognisable for its shape, and wrap it in a bespoke design, branded Noname, with the strap-line ‘Would you trust a brand with Noname?’


By shape and smell most people would trust that it was a Toblerone bar and consume it, but what if it didn’t have the Toblerone branding?


The branding was alien to them.


Would they still consume the product inside?


To create further impact, we used the biggest Toblerone bars available - 4ft long and 4.5kg in weight and sent these out by direct mail to each target customer across Europe.


After fulfilment, each recipient then received a series of light-hearted email communications to tie in with the campaign message. ‘The shape of things to come’ (pre post), ‘Just to let you know there’s a package on its way to you with Noname on it (during delivery), ‘Is there any left for us?’ (post delivery)


Following on from the email campaign the sales team were then able to reach out to recipients to set appointments without the need to introduce the company or services; the campaign promotion had achieved already achieved this for them; generating a talking point to open with.

If you would like to know more about the campaign or any of the other services provided by Ten Thousand Hours, please get in touch via email at or call 07799 430313.

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