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How we used familiar technology to engage EXPO attendees and gain MQLs   

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Critical to success would be a thorough understanding of the audience. We recognised that the vast majority of audience buyers were at the very start of their digital transformation journeys and that complex, technical conversations would feel overwhelming further reducing levels of engagement.  We also saw an opportunity to unearth more insights about their audience and provide their sales team with rich data that would lead to better conversions.


We presented the team at Causeway with an exhibit design incorporating a new tablet-based app solution and explained how this would re-engage audiences with familiar, interactive technology. Once our proposal was approved, we set out to develop a user journey that would guide attendees through a series of on-screen interactions and storytelling in a test to learn ‘How Digital Are you?’.  We worked closely with the Causeway team to develop content and define precisely the required user data for MQLs.

The end result was a truly unique interactive solution that delivered learning to their audience in a simple and engaging way, using familiar technology and leading to valuable conversations with Causeway staff and rich user data and insights generating further MQLs over time.




By focusing Causeway’s brand experience around a handful of stools and table-top tablets we were able to significantly increase on-stand visitors and face-to-face conversations whilst capturing data through an informative user journey. 


During the inaugural trade event, Causeway generated more than 800 MQLs in less than two days leading to a £1m new business meeting and gained user insights from current business priorities through to a ‘How Digital Are You?’ percentage weighting - invaluable insight for sales follow up conversations.



For the fast-approaching trade expo season, our client Causeway - a construction SaaS company - faced a familiar challenge. As a tech business with innovative software solutions, face-to-face conversations with prospects is paramount to generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs).  With some limitations on floorspace and a trade show environment geared very much towards entertainment, their engagement levels were dropping with sales leads largely unqualified and dwindling.


Causeway approached us to develop a creative solution that would engage attendees in brand conversations and strengthen the level of MQLs at forthcoming trade show events.

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