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How we used gamification to create MQLs and unearth new insights 

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When the coronavirus pandemic hit, our longstanding client Nutanix - a global cloud computing company - faced a new challenge.


As a high tech business with a complex IT solution, they had relied on face-to-face events to tell their story, educate new audiences and generate a substantial percentage of their marketing qualified leads (MQLs). With limitations to traditional online events like webinars, their level of engagement was dropping; it felt, to them, like the ideal moment to be more innovative in their approach.


Nutanix approached us to develop a creative solution that would supplement their online events, develop a more consistent level of MQLs overall.



Nutanix trusted us to generate the brief ourselves. We recognised that any event-focused plan, especially without the opportunity for face-to-face experiences, would leave gaps in their acquisition of MQLs. We also saw an opportunity to unearth more insights about their audience, and provide their sales team with rich data that would lead to better conversions.


We presented the team at Nutanix with comparative examples of a gamified solution and explained how it would translate to their products and industry. Once they had approved the brief, we set about drawing out an extensive user journey that involved a variety of interactions and storytelling. We worked with their team to develop the real life content we needed to define and plot the journey.

The end result was an innovative, always-on game solution that delivered complex education to their audience in a simple and engaging way. The sales team also benefited from a rich data set and insights that will generate a more consistent level of MQLs over time.



By creating a gamified solution, we were able to amplify Nutanix’s online activities, while also capturing data through an informative user journey that can be accessed by their audience at any time.


Gamification is just one of the ways a varied and considered live events programme can deliver strategic objectives and engage people and brands. For Nutanix, this approach will provide them with a more comprehensive events plan into the future and remain cutting-edge and innovative as a business.

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