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How we turned leaders into Superheroes

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Orange Business Services were about to launch their first ever virtual Global Sales Kick Off meeting to more than 2,000 internal colleagues across EMEA, Asia and the Americas regions. Pre-COVID, regions would have met together for a physical event, but the global pandemic had put a stop to this.


Orange wanted to recognise everyone for their contribution during the pandemic and highlight the pathway to success and business growth in 2021. They knew what they wanted to say but lacked a creative application to provide real impact to kick off the event.


Ten Thousand Hours received a call to make this happen.



First of all, we had to understand the key messages to be relayed to the global audience and then question why these were so important. It had been a good year for Orange Business Services, and this was in no small part to the contributions of every person in the group. All demonstrated skills and traits that had helped the business to continue to grow and innovate in ‘interesting’ times. Moving forward as a business it was important that the group understood how they could build on this success. Orange wanted people to be inspired and energised for the sessions to come over the coming days of the virtual event.


We scrapped the idea of a presentation to open up and kick off the event. It would be expected. For this event, the first of its kind, we needed to capture people’s attention from the start…and keep them engaged.


We decided that through the work the teams had undertaken and the vision for the future, everyone in the organisation had been heroes in one way or another…and there it was…we decided to create an animation highlighting the League of Heroes and their achievements.


We created a script and storyboard involving a fictitious, but recognisable, environment, real time customer challenges and the creation of superheroes who each had traits that are required to be successful moving forward. We then placed them in challenging scenarios, familiar to the audience, that had to be resolved and watched them apply their traits to overcome the ‘forces of change’ and lead the path to success.


And to keep the audience engaged we decided to develop the story in such a way that ‘cliff-hanger’ moments would appear when we could naturally break the story, go to a more formal presentation relating to the subject matter and then take the audience back to the animation to see how the heroes overcame the situation.


Once the script and storyboard were approved, Ten Thousand Hours developed all the character designs, environments, animation transitions, sound effects and background noises to produce a 10-minute animation to kick off the Global Sales Kick Off event.

Concept creation and design
Concept creation and design
Concept creation and design
Concept creation and design
Concept creation and design



“A huge thank you to each of you for your organisation, planning and superior creativity.  We loved the theme, characters, imagery and animation.  We received such wonderful feedback. It was all fantastic!"


International Business Marketing – Orange Business Services

Concept creation and design
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