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We create personalised live experiences that deliver against strategic objectives to engage

people and brands

We've developed four key services that add value to our clients and their business.

1. The Game Plan

We'll create a bespoke, comprehensive events strategy plan focused around your specific business objectives that contributes towards the overarching company mission. 

You will receive:

  • Insight Presentation - a feedback document highlighting current events/programme perception from our workshop session and those we conduct 360 interviews with.

  • A tailored events strategy (presented to you) – including audience challenges/needs, event calendar (f2f and online), formats, ’why’ each event works framework, measurement metrics per event, Green flag/Red flag overview (what works well/what to avoid), the market landscape, key players to involve in delivery and all the other insightful pieces we unearth through the process!

2. The Grand Design

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We’ll take your event plans, drill down into the specific objectives of each event and bring them to life with a full creative treatment.

You will receive:

  • Approved bespoke event creative treatment – theme, visuals, programme structure, content format suggestions; everything you need to promote and kick off your event planning.


  • Creative concept guidelines document – design visuals, language, colour templates, reproduction guidelines, fonts, usage examples – a detailed manuscript to create a consistent visual representation and tone of voice for your event.

grand design.png

3. The Execution


You know your strategy; you have your creative; now it’s time to implement the great work achieved so far.


We’ll create detailed project plans and timelines, manage suppliers and finances and build a dedicated project team of experts to lead, or work alongside, your team to deliver your event or project.

You will receive:

  • ​Full service project delivery – your event whether f2f, online or a mixture of both, produced and delivered, from pre-event marketing to post event follow up and all the bits in-between, by our team of event delivery experts.

4. The Investment

For those who need a dedicated team of strategic, creative and delivery experts to provide innovative thinking and expert delivery consistently and over time.

You will receive:

  • Process and outputs – all processes and outputs as listed in all three products

  • Dedicated team – a minimum of one Project Manager supported by relevant expertise to deliver your events programme.

  • Access to Ten Thousand Hours strategic and creative personnel on every project.

  • Reviews and measurement a minimum of three review meetings to identify continuous improvement and best practice for your series of events.

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+44 (0)7799 430 313 

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Registered Address

Ten Thousand Hours

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