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The pitfalls of standing still

"Nobody ever got fired for doing the same as last year."

Everything you do must be geared towards continuous improvement.

The marketing world, in common with other fast-growing business sectors, is evolving rapidly. New technologies are leading to new products and services creating new demands from customers. The way you market new products and services has in turn created demand for new ideas and the hunt for new technologies to supply them.

If you don’t understand the changes occurring and adapt the way you think and work, then you’ll evolve more slowly.

Taking such a passive approach will slow you down.

It’s like standing still on an escalator instead of walking up them: you’ll make it to the top eventually but by the time you do, you’ll find that the market and your competition are already two floors above you.

Yet standing still is so commonplace.

In a business development meeting I was once told by a client “Nobody ever got fired for doing the same as last year”. Already more than two years have passed but that statement still lingers; it represents mediocre and, frankly, a total disregard for rapidly changing market conditions.

In the modern world, practice and time are ill afforded. Neither yields instant results. As a consequence great ideas are frequently abandoned for a focus on more immediate, less risky results.

But this goes against everything we believe in and it’s counter-productive to business growth.

We will all do well to remember this.

No agency will ever get hired for doing the same as last year.

Are you happy to be standing still?


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