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What are you doing to kickstart the industry? #chooselive

When we created our agency Ten Thousand Hours, we strongly believed that live experiences and events were an essential part of the marketing mix and there was an opportunity to redefine and revolutionise the sector.

As the industry is going through a really tough time at the moment across many disciplines we feel the moment is right to revive our ‘Choose Live’ campaign. 

It’s our contribution to helping the industry kick start over the coming months.

Live experiences are face to face, virtual, digital, broadcast or a combination of them all; it’s important to remember this when revisiting your engagement plans.

So, if you work in marketing, communications, sales or HR and have had to re-consider your engagement plans and events activity, please share this post, start conversations and help keep Live at the top of mind for all. 

And if you work in the industry and would like to help kickstart opportunities for small businesses, freelancers and an extensive supply chain then please re-share this post.

We hope that by spreading the message as far and wide as we can we can start to build momentum, and ultimately, jobs for those who have been hit hardest by the current crisis.

 And here is what we are going to do as a result of your actions.

  1. For every piece of business we are appointed between now and the end of the year, we will donate 10% of our management fee to the NHS Charities Together Fund

  2.  We remain committed to our independent and freelance community and for every project that we are appointed, we will continue to provide freelance team members the opportunity to work creating momentum in the jobs market.

  3.  For the first 50 shares of this post, we will send you a Choose Live t-shirt to wear/polish the car/use as a face mask (delete as appropriate).

Remember #chooselive #liveaid

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