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How Ten Thousand Hours created a programme format to build open and trusted partner collaborations

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"We need to create more personal and trusted relationships with our partners in an increasingly crowded marketplace"

We devised a series of European partner roadshow meetings, for smaller, more focussed groups (no more than 30 people at a time) in, or nearby, to the cities where the key partner relationships needed to be developed.

We removed all formal presentations and built a programme of content that directly addressed the issues facing each partner relationship and wider industry themes. In an open forum environment, every attendee was involved in the conversation to create and agree actionable, measurable outcomes for both partners that would establish business growth for all.

And we created a programme of social experiences to allow more informal conversations to build personal relationships.

Through a series of smaller, intimate and focussed meetings, built around the convenience of their partner needs, our client has been able to demonstrate a positive return on their partner relationship and develop future strategies to enhance their existing collaborations.

Ten Thousand Hours managed all logistical arrangements (travel, accommodation, meeting spaces, offsite catering, technical production, transportation) across all European cities as well as strategically planning locations and programme format.

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