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‘Simple but Smart’

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With COVID and the restrictions around live physical events, Nutanix asked Ten Thousand Hours to create an alternative solution to engage customers and prospects.


In a physical event face to face conversations could be held alongside interactive presentations and demos to inform and provide an understanding of their products and solutions; now we are all online, what can we do?



The Campaign was launched in the second week of March 2020, so at this stage we have no data to wow you with statistics such as 254% increase in requests to find out more or 96% of viewers went on to purchase one or more solutions…but we’re pretty sure these are good estimations!


So, for now, we’ve posted feedback received from our clients for you to enjoy.


“Consistently, we’re challenged to deliver complex marketing messaging more simply and traditionally we’ve used live events successfully to do so.  With a hard stop on all in-person events, we partnered with Ten Thousand Hours who led a strategic shift from in-person to digital activations, creatively executing campaigns from online gaming to a comedy film series. As an agency, Ten Thousand Hours is laser focused on engaging target audiences; we’re seeing great results and therefore I would happily recommend you give these guys a call.” – Director of Field Marketing


“Special thanks go to the killer team at Ten Thousand Hours who brough this baby to life!” – Marketing Manager


“It has been beyond wonderful working with you. Thank you for all the support, creative ideas and brain storming sessions we had. It has not been easy with COVID but you have been amazing and inspiring.” – Senior Marketing Manager



Online was the only channel available to us, but a series of product demos and presentations to camera were just not going to fill the void.

We conducted our research into the audience, the brand and the subject matter.

The target audience was mixed, some with technical understanding, others from a commercial background. Nutanix as a brand is a bit of an upstart, they have a personality that differs from their competition and the subject of cloud infrastructure can take some explaining even to those with an understanding.

We needed to convey the personality of Nutanix at the same time enlightening the audience of the potential of their solutions portfolio…without being too dull.

So, we decided to create a video series and associated campaign, but with a twist.

First of all, we wanted to put Nutanix personnel on screen, but not the hierarchy, those that engage with the audience on a daily basis, and we wanted them to tell us about cloud infrastructure.

But cloud infrastructure can be quite a complex matter to get your head around. Not just ‘any old fool’ can understand it.


But what if we could get a fool to understand it?

So, we did just that.

We found ourselves a well-known fool (comedian Joe Wilkinson) and created a series of videos where Joe interviews Nutanix personnel in order to broaden his understanding of ‘all things cloud’, and we created a campaign to go with this called ‘Simple but Smart’.

Ten Thousand Hours worked with Joe to script a series of five interviews with a twist, alongside the questions being asked Joe would add his own inescapable ‘moments’ to proceedings, and those being interviewed would not be told what was going to happen. 

Alongside the video filming and production, Ten Thousand Hours produced a series of campaign assets to promote and host the final content – email templates customised to audience type, static advertising, landing platform and promotional gifs and trailer video.

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