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App simplicity delivers complex science-technology education

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"It is widely acknowledged that most of the harm associated with conventional cigarettes is caused by the toxicants in some produced by the burning of tobacco.  British American Tobacco (BAT) is dedicated to developing alternative tobacco products that don’t burn tobacco."


Our proposal of an app was immediately welcomed; it seemed fitting to move from printed publications at a time the business was transitioning from a tobacco company to a technology company.  The flexibility of a web app (opposed to a native ‘downloaded’ app) would ensure that, subject to an internet connection, users could simply access and navigate content with the added advantage of new, updated product and research content added without the need for users to re-download replacement app content – a critical advantage to BAT who have ambitious plans to expand NGPs and research findings.


Ten Thousand Hours managed in full the design, development and content input for the app, seamlessly applied to desktop, tablet and mobile devices.  Designed around a content management system, this gives BAT the flexibility to amend and add new content with ease.

Users access scientific research content and test results displayed in short form text, infographic style for simplicity and accompanying images and video.


In 2019, the web app was launched to BAT globally providing a market-first research tool to lead conversations and strengthen BAT’s commitment to research and development communications.


Since 2012, BAT has invested more than $2.5 billion in the development of vapour and tobacco ‘heat not burn’ products more commonly known to BAT as Next Generation Products (NGPs). 


Vype is BAT’s flagship vapour brand and present in most product markets; glo is BAT’s leading tobacco heating product – launched in Japan in 2016 and now progressing in other launch markets. Heralded as potentially ‘reduced-risk’ products, NGPs not only offer consumers alternative, potentially less harmful products but BAT is transforming its business and aligning itself better with retailers, regulators and governments across the globe.


In the past, evidencing research findings has been typically scientific in approach, hugely technical and long-winded. BAT approached Ten Thousand Hours with a clear brief: simplify BATs scientific claim and develop an education tool for use by BAT with retailers, regulators, government officials across the globe.

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