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Unearthing audience insights for a more strategic approach to creative

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We were approached by our client Nutanix to re-evaluate their strategic approach to their reseller channel and marketing function — which provides expertise, training, and marketing resources to their reseller partners.

When it came to product messaging, Nutanix had previously employed very technical language over a business one. This approach didn’t appeal to their target audience (C-level professionals — the business owners, CIOs, CTOS, and Chief Information Officers who would be buying their product) or produce consistent leads.


Our challenge was to elevate this messaging so it felt much more sophisticated and appeal to their target audience. We were also tasked with developing a new set of information tools and resources to empower their reseller community — a communication channel that has increased in importance in the absence of face-to-face events.



By developing a better understanding of Nutanix’s target audience (and shaping the campaign’s language to reflect their needs) we’ve opened the door to more valuable conversations with potential prospects. 



Our solution for Nutanix was ultimately based on two key deliverables: strategy, as well as creative content.

After reviewing past campaigns and collateral — both from Nutanix as well as their reseller channel — we spent time researching their target audience and getting to the core of what kind of language, and tone, would appeal to them. These insights allowed us to get a better understanding of what approach would elicit the best results for all parties.

Based on these insights, we produced a series of campaign concepts that took elements of the original tongue-in-cheek approach and intellectualised the messaging, so that it was much more appealing to their target audience. These concepts could then be used by the various reseller channels to more effectively engage C-level professionals and create conversations around their business objectives and goals — generating stronger leads. 

We also developed a set of tools and assets, including infographics and statistical graphics, that the reseller channel could use across platforms when required — from internal presentations to virtual events and webinars, or as part of documents like whitepapers. By reimagining this toolkit, we could generate better, and more consistent, outward communications at all levels.

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