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Creating a virtual event to engage, motivate and enjoy

  • Programme creation

  • Identity design

  • Remote recording

  • Video Production

  • Project Management

  • Live virtual event production

live virtual event production



When the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, the UK division of TOPdesk were unable to host their planned annual Kick Off meeting together in one location.


The Kick Off meeting is an important part of the TOPdesk calendar. An opportunity to engage with colleagues, motivate the team and plan for the year ahead. With 100 people across two office locations, Manchester and London, TOPdesk recognised that with no foreseeable date for the lifting of restrictions, it was important to hold the event: virtually.


TOPdesk approached Ten Thousand Hours with the challenge to recreate the physical event virtually.

Live virtual event production
Identity design
Programme creation



It was important for us to be really clear from the beginning that we shouldn’t try to replicate a physical event virtually. What we really needed to do was define the key elements (functional and emotive) TOPdesk wanted to include and then build out a programme that would achieve this.


We started by looking at the session times. No presentation was to be longer than 10 minutes in duration followed by time for live Q&A and polling. We then looked at the format of each presentation; rather than ‘straight to camera’ pieces could we mix up presentation styles to keep the audience engaged; we introduced gaming elements, fireside chats, panel debates and pre-recorded animations to provide a varied and entertaining programme. And we reduced the two-day programme down to a half day.


Once the programme was designed and agreed we then created a Kick Off identity to run through all pre/post event communications and during the event in the form of emails, gifs, bumper stings and presentation formats.


Using our exclusive remote record software we were able to film presenters in their home, office or on location in Brazil(!), then take the recorded footage and apply motion graphics to bring each presentation to life. Where teams preferred not to present, our animation team worked with them to script and storyboard animated content which was then produced for the event. The logistics team also sent out to each attendee three different packages to be opened at set points within the programme. Each item was integral to a specific section of the programme and created a sense of togetherness across the team.


On the day of the event, the Ten Thousand Hours team were in place to produce and delivered the whole event live.



Feedback for the virtual Kick Off has been amazing with attendees really appreciating the time and effort spent creating an inclusive programme, rich in engaging content and overall, fun.


98% of attendees rated the event ‘Superb’ with 95% ‘excited about the next event’.


“Our biggest challenge was understanding all the aspects needed to create a virtual event. Given we had only ever done in-person events it was a completely new area which we didn’t have expertise in.

The quality of work TTH created exceeded expectations. They took the time to understand what we wanted to achieve with the event, understand our culture and our brand. So that the final product really aligned with our overall messaging. The team were an absolute pleasure to work with, they made the process enjoyable despite us working to very tight deadlines.


I think it is important to create a partnership with a supplier, it allows you to have a real understanding of one another and what you both want to achieve and it’s safe to say we did this here, and will continue to work with TTH.”

Event Manager - TOPdesk

Video production
Project management
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