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How Ten Thousand Hours helped change internal culture

  • Branding

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Kaspersky, a multinational cyber security and anti-virus provider headquartered in Moscow, had a problem.  
Its award-winning enterprise products are widely acclaimed as market-leading, best-in-the-world solutions and yet their brand position is challenged by a hugely influential international political landscape.


Developing a core narrative of “We made this...” Ten Thousand Hours expressed the event as more immersive, interactive and playful than Kaspersky had experienced before. We brought this to life through workshops and presentations with balloon drops, hand painted signage, live illustration and street food catering, alongside traditional screen presentations and video content.

To augment participants’ learning of how new collaborations, autonomy and rapid prototyping effect change, Ten Thousand Hours further developed an immersive team activity calling upon LEGO to provide more than 250,000 bricks.  We challenged new teams to prototype and construct a bridge spanning more than two metres, collaborating with other teams to ensure seamless integration and working towards the world’s longest ever LEGO bridge construction.


Kaspersky’s plans to refresh their brand identity and purpose would effect change over time, but it was widely acknowledged by that for real change to be effective and feel authentic, it would need to come from within; a new cultural movement was needed.


Teaming up with long-standing change management partner, Prosper, Ten Thousand Hours was invited by Vice President Global Marketing to design and deliver a uniquely different global, internal communication event to inspire Kaspersky’s local territory General Managers and Marketing leads to collaborate.

Berlin’s Bridge Studios, a former bridge design and construction centre, and now white box arts and photography studio, would provide a wholly new event experience and play host to ‘The Change Project by Kaspersky’.  


Widely acknowledged through formal event feedback as the most unique, inspiring and immersive event Kaspersky leaders have ever attended, ‘The Change Project by Kaspersky’ continues to drive a new cultural movement across the organisation synchronised perfectly with Kaspersky’s global brand roll-out and inaugural television advertising campaign.

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