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How do I find the right agency for me?

A couple of years ago I wrote “…for all the effort agencies make to be attractive to get a first date with marketers, the long-term value is a productive, collaborative relationship.”

And then, shared five steps to achieve exactly that.

But how do you find the right agency in the first place?

And then, how do I know it’s the right fit for me/my organisation?

So, let’s tackle how to find the right agency.

The first challenge is knowing where to look in the first place.

And of the four common tried and tested locations, we’ve rated as:

5/10 Industry association membership listings

3/10 Award winners

2/10 Google search

9/10 Peer referrals

Personal recommendation oftentimes validates grand marketing claims and provides us with reassurances we seek over more entitled visibility from ‘paid for’ listings.

So, are you asking your network for agency introductions?

Much like that friend who has a single friend who’d be perfect for you, does your friend really know you?

How can you establish whether an agency is the right fit for you?

Actually, there’s a better question to ask.

How can you establish quickly whether an agency is the right fit for you?

Quickly is important because successful relationship attributes like seamless working and trust takes time.

Quickly happens in the beginning, the pitch, the initial stages of a relationship when we always present the best versions of ourselves.

Ask yourself.

Is the agency credible?

Who else does the agency work with; what comparable work can it demonstrate?

Am I being challenged by the agency?

In pursuit of best, it takes challenging conversations, everyone pushing the limits, not a room full of yes people.

Is anyone asking why?

Good is asking why. The opposite is said for guesswork and assumptions.

And you can ask yourself these questions right at the beginning, before too much time is wasted.

Because the agency’s approach will build a strong foundation for your relationship moving forward.


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