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The Lion, the Pitch and the Bored Crowd

It all starts with fire…

Anthropologists will tell you that the single most important spark that ignited human evolution was fire.


Fire allowed hunter gatherers to cook food.

Cooked food allowed the human brain to radically increase in size; this accelerated the communication process.

During the day conversations focussed on hunting, survival and resource strategies.

Firelight extended the day for hunter gatherers.

An extended day through firelight, provided humans with more time to share experiences.

Verbal communication began turning into storytelling.

Storytelling triggers imaginations, creates bonds and conveys important information.

The best storytellers at the campfire had people rolling with laughter, still in suspense, or inspired to seek new adventures.

If the storytelling didn’t entertain, engage or intrigue the audience they fell asleep.

If you fall asleep in the wild there is only one thing you will become…

The Lion’s Lunch.

At Ten Thousand Hours we specialise in creating engaging communications and experiences that ensure your audience do not become the Lion’s Lunch.

Come and light a fire with us; we have a lot to discuss.


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