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Why your event marketing strategy is an accident waiting to happen.

Everyone across the globe received positive news this week that a vaccine for COVID could be available pretty soon.

Not long after hearing this, I’m pretty sure people’s minds started to consider all the things they were going to do once an element of normality returns to our lives.

At the same time, the B2B world started to consider what strategic event plans they might put in place should the positive news continue.

A bit like a reverse contingency plan.

Contingency plans are normally there to support anything that might go wrong.

But now we need to create a contingency plan for when things get better.

The last eight months have all been about plugging gaps and finding alternative solutions for strategic event marketing plans that included face to face live events.

The rise of virtual and online events has been phenomenal and provided a suitable sticking plaster for the problem everyone encountered.

There is no doubt that virtual events are here to stay, but it is too soon to say whether or not they are a replacement for face to face live events.

Audience reach, detailed analytics and convenience are all positives.

Engagement, immersion and business growth impact still need work and time.

Without doubt, virtual and live will sit alongside each other. I won’t use the term ‘hybrid’ as its overused…I’ll call it ‘spooning’.

Spooning aside, let’s go back to the ‘sticking plaster’ reference for a moment and allow me to indulge in an analogy that is extremely relevant at this time.

If you are unfortunate enough to harm yourself unexpectedly you need an immediate fix; a plaster, or even plaster of Paris if it’s severe.

You apply the ‘fix’ for a period of time before it is removed.

You then commence your rehabilitation with a plan devised by an expert in their field.

With no plan, you’re putting your confidence into gut feel, luck and hope.

Now consider your current event marketing plan.

How many sticking plasters are providing temporary solutions?

When the plaster is removed what is your plan to come back stronger than the competition?

It is pretty obvious that now is the time to start to plan your rehabilitation.

Build a strategic event plan incorporating virtual and face to face.

A plan with the agility to respond based on global developments and business needs.

A plan with measurement at the heart of it.

Or will you leave business growth down to gut feel, luck and hope?

If you do, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Ten Thousand Hours have created strategic event plans for a number of the world’s leading organisations. If you are interested in a free 30 minute workshop to evaluate your event plans please do get in touch at


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