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Can marketing operate without face to face events?

We spent some time with Mark Baker, Head of Marketing Operations for Oracle EMEA & APAC recently and threw around a whole bunch of questions that had been occupying our minds for the past few weeks.

We covered off quite a bit during our time with Mark, who shared his opinions on many matters including,

How different sizes of events behave

His approach to change and how to keep innovating

What the key ingredient is for events whether face to face or online

The prospect of re-skilling

And why you shouldn't operate on yourself.

Conversations like these allow us to create and build a robust, measured events strategy for our clients.

If you would like to discuss your marketing event plans, whether online, virtual or face to face, in a free 60 minute consultation, contact or

You can view part 1 of our conversation here...

and part 2 here...


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