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How businesses can sit comfortably in the future

I had been suffering for weeks on end with a pain in my neck.

I could not sit comfortably and sleeping was a sporadic affair.

I had no idea how it came about but I knew I wanted it to go away.

So I went to visit the Chiropractor.

And they fixed it for me.

But it wasn’t a case of me saying ‘my neck hurts’ and the Chiropractor focussing his attention on my neck.

They consulted with me asking questions into my recent physical activity, history on injuries and when I first started to feel pain.

They then tested my body – arm strength, leg pressure resistance, balance and, strangely, they pushed and prodded my chin.

They made me walk, forwards, backwards, twist round and stand on tiptoes.

But at no point did they focus any efforts on my neck.

My issue was a misaligned pelvis.

Which was destabilising my back.

Which in turn had caused my collarbone to sit incorrectly.

So my neck was doing all the work to keep me upright.

What followed was 20 minutes of clicks, cracks and snaps to put me back in the right shape.

I was provided with a solution through consultancy, research, testing and implementation.

And I paid for it (by this I mean financially, not physically; well ok it did hurt a bit).

This got me thinking of the parallels between both professions – a Chiropractor and an Agency.

Clients make contact with a need, it could be an issue, a request or a challenge.

Our role is to identify the key objective to be achieved.

To understand the surrounding factors that may contribute to this.

To take the insight and research collated and provide the solution based on our expertise and knowledge.

This involves honesty, trust and collaboration from both parties.

And this is why it is important to listen, consult and build a relationship with individuals and a business before acting.

At times it may be that you have to focus on another area of business first before solving the immediate issue.

But ultimately using this approach will result in providing the solution to your key objective.

Focus on the immediate and you might spend more time, energy and money than required to reach your objective.

The right solution or plan can transform a business.

And when this happens you can sit comfortably and sleep well again.


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